What Is a Home Remedy to Kill Spider Mites?

Home remedies for killing spider mites include spraying them with high pressure hoses, using a solution of dish soap and water and trying essential oils. Other options include introducing predators of the mites and using rubbing alcohol.

Kill spider mites on plants by spraying the underside of leaves with a high pressure water hose. Be careful not to damage the plants, but be sure to use enough pressure to wash the mites off the leaves. Spray the whole plant to eliminate the spider mites. Repeat this treatment often to ensure pests are gone.

A mixture of dish soap and water can be very effective in killing mites. Use 3 teaspoons of liquid dish soap per 1 gallon of water. Stir and apply to leaves. The solution can be poured into a spray bottle and sprayed onto the insects and the stem and leaves of the plant. Ensure the plant is thoroughly wet. Repeat after five to six days.

Rosemary essential oil also kills spider mites. Mix water and a few drops of the oil in a spray bottle. Apply to the plant, spraying any visible mites. This method does not harm other mites and insects in the garden. Or try dabbing a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol on the plant. Let the alcohol sit for several hours. Rinse off with water. Spray the plant carefully to remove both alcohol and mites.

Another home remedy to kill spider mites is to introduce predators to the garden. Ladybugs, other mites and spiders all eat spider mites. Visit a garden center for this natural solution to spider mite infestation problems.