What Is a Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Bees and Wasps?

Home remedies for getting rid of bees and wasps include using soap spray solution, using vinegar and water spray, or using sugary, fragrant cut fruits, powdered garlic and citronella candles. Using organic pesticides, such as horticultural oil and diatomaceous earth, and building wasp traps is also helpful.

A half-and-half mixture of vinegar and water or soap in water should be sprayed into the areas where the bees or wasps congregate, suggests DoItYourself.com. Spraying is best done in the evening, as the insects are less aggressive during this time.

A 2-liter soda pop bottle cut from the top and filled with sweet fruit juice acts as a effective bait to attract bees and wasps that eventually drown in the liquid, suggests About.com. Similarly, a bag of cut, fragrant fruits, such as mango or pear, can be kept in a sandwich bag in the vicinity of the bee or wasp nest, states SFGate.com. The smell of the cut and rotting fruits lures the insects away from their original location.

Sprinkling garlic powder in the affected areas, burning citronella candles and hanging mothballs inside a thin sock also act as good bee and wasp repellents. Spraying horticultural oil or sprinkling diatomaceous earth, between evening and early morning, on the areas where the bees or wasps may alight is also very effective.