Are There Home Remedies to Get Rid of Crickets?

To get rid of crickets, it is necessary to eliminate dark, damp areas on the property where the crickets live. Reducing outdoor lighting, applying fungus products and using commercial pesticides also are options to eliminate crickets.

Crickets prefer areas that are dark, cool and damp. Eliminate debris, such as stacks of firewood and tall grass, that provide the crickets with shelter, and mow grass regularly. Outdoor lighting is also attractive to crickets. Avoid using outdoor lights whenever possible, or use low-pressure sodium vapor or yellow incandescent lights in areas where lights are necessary. Turn all outdoor lights off after use.

If crickets are becoming problematic indoors, store building materials and other items such as garbage cans off the ground, and move mulch and dead leaves away from the foundation of the home. Repair cracks and crevices that allow the insects to enter the home, and use tight-fitting window screens.

To remove crickets that are already indoors, place sticky traps throughout the home to capture the insects, or vacuum the crickets. To eradicate crickets outdoors, purchase Nosema locustae, a fungus, from a local home and garden supply store, and apply it according to the directions on the product packaging.

Serious infestations of crickets are typically treated with commercial pesticides such as pyrethrins. Purchase the appropriate insecticide, and apply it according to the directions on the packaging. Insecticides are most effective when combined with other treatments, such as eliminating outdoor lighting.