What Are Some Home Remedies for Removing Dead Mouse Odor?

Home remedies to eliminate the smell of a dead mouse include applying a paste made from baking soda and water or using chlorine bleach. While these remedies can help to eliminate the smell, they also have the potential for other problems, so homeowners might consider purchasing a more effective enzymatic odor remover to eliminate the problem.

Some mouse poisons cause the animals to die in the voids of walls. The first step in eliminating the odor is to remove the dead body, but in these cases, it involves tearing into the wall space. If the animal has been dead for a few days, fluids from the decomposing body have likely leaked into wallboard and other construction materials. Removing the contaminated materials is often helpful in eliminating the odor. For materials that cannot be removed, use one of the odor control remedies.

The problem with the baking soda remedy is that it must remain in contact with the contaminated materials for an extended time. The moisture in the paste often encourages the growth of mold. Bleach is often a problem because it only masks the odor and requires use in a higher concentration than the label directions recommend. Bleach also removes the color from most materials, so it is not a good choice for carpets or other materials that cannot be repainted.