What Are Some Home Remedies for Rats?

Some home remedies for deterring rats include removing food that attracts the rats to the area and sealing the holes and gaps that allow the rats to get inside. Rat repellents containing the same ingredients as moth balls have some effect on keeping rats away.

In addition to moth balls, people have also used peppermint, sound machines, ammonia, predator urine and cats in attempts to deter rats, but there is controversy over the efficacy of these methods. While the ingredients in moths balls can be a repellent, they do not permanently repel rats. Cats and certain dogs, such as russell terriers, can also be effective at finding and killing rats, but they cannot find rats in the walls or attics of a home.

Most home remedies do not work in resolving a rat infestation fully, claims Professional Wildlife Removal. To resolve an infestation, those affected must kill all the rats in the area and seal off all of their entryways.

Good sanitation is the most important home remedy in deterring rats. Homeowners should remove any rubbish from the sides of their homes, keep their garbage sealed, store their food in rat-proof containers and clean up pet droppings from their yards.