What Are Some Home Remedies to Kill Mice?

home-remedies-kill-mice Credit: twoshortplanks/CC-BY-2.0

An old-fashioned mousetrap baited with peanut butter is an inexpensive strategy to kill mice without resorting to chemical poisoning. Similar home-remedy suggestions include placing instant mashed potato flakes or shallow containers of a carbonated drink like Coke near where mice droppings are found.

Theoretically the mashed potato flakes swell in the mouse’s stomach and kill it. Likewise, the carbonated drink forms gas in the mouse's stomach. Since it can't burp to get rid of the gas, the mouse eventually dies. For repelling without killing mice, peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls are effective when strategically placed. A half-gallon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 gallons of water and sprinkled around the outside of the house may turn mice away. Bounce regular scent dryer sheets placed in drawers and cabinets are reported to be an effective mouse repellent.