Are There Any Home Remedies for Keeping Birds Away?

Homemade bird repellents include visual deterrents, physical barriers and sprays intended as taste aversions in the birds' food sources. Some birds may cause damage to homes if left unchecked.

Visual deterrents can be placed around the area to discourage birds from returning. Placing reflective objects, such as a sphere covered with holographic material or iridescent bird foil around the home area, frightens birds, as the reflective qualities create an illusion of constant movement. Placing bird netting or spikes around roosting areas such as rooftops and ledges helps keep birds from gathering or creating homes.

Methyl anthranilate spray has a taste birds find unpleasant. The spray can be applied to wood surfaces on the exterior of a home and grass to deter certain birds, such as woodpeckers or Canada geese.