What Are Some Home Remedies to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

A few main home remedies to repel mosquitoes include garlic, mouthwash, chives and fabric softener sheets. There are many different methods, but not all of them work.

The idea behind the garlic remedy is that it repels mosquitoes. When consumed, the garlic will cause mosquitoes to go elsewhere. In order to remain effective, an individual must eat it regularly. The mouthwash remedy calls for mixing mouthwash with water and then spritzing it on exposed skin. However, when tested, it didn't repel mosquitoes at all. Chives work a lot like garlic in that they repel mosquitoes, but testers found they didn't have to eat it to be effective. Putting some stalks in a centerpiece worked just fine. Fabric softener sheets work well at repelling mosquitoes simply by rubbing the sheet over exposed skin, but certain individuals may experience sensitivity or allergic reactions to it.