What Are Some Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Spiders?

Regular cleaning of storage areas inside the home reduces spider populations. It is also necessary to maintain lawns and gardens to eliminate spiders inside the home.

Cluttered, dark and damp spaces, such as closets or basements, are attractive nesting areas for some types of spiders. These areas should be organized and vacuumed on a regular basis. Loose and unused items should be stored in sealed bags or tightly sealed boxes. Wear gloves to prevent bites while cleaning storage areas, and swat or vacuum any spiders that may pose a health threat when they are encountered inside the home.

Spiders can also be eliminated by removing webs and egg sacks consistently. Spiders, egg sacks and webs can be removed with a vacuum indoors, or by spraying the webs with a garden hose outdoors. To ensure spiders cannot enter the home, install window screens and door sweeps as needed, and seal cracks and crevices with caulking.

Maintaining outdoor areas reduces spider populations inside the home. Store wood in a dry area away from the home, and remove unused items, such as old patio furniture or leftover building materials, to prevent spiders from building nests outdoors. Hedges and other landscaping features should not touch the exterior of the home. Trim any plants that grow near the home regularly, and use yellow light bulbs outdoors to reduce the spiders' available food sources on the property.