What Are Some Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Skunks?


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Using bright lights, white powder substances, citrus and ammonia, or removing den-building materials and removing food sources are ways to get rid of skunks. If skunks are not attracted to an area, find it difficult to maintain a home, or cannot find food around the den, they do not stay.

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Bright lights and white powder substances such as chalk or flour scare away skunks. Citrus, ammonia, hot pepper spray and the scents of other animals, such as a deer or wolves, deter skunks away from an area. Wood, mulch and holes in the ground provide shelter for skunks and should be removed from the area to deter them from building homes. Garbage is a main food attraction for skunks, and if it is hidden or put away, a possible skunk food source is gone.

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