What Are Some Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Pigeons?


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Some home remedies for getting rid of pigeons include the use of humane traps and relocation, obstacles such as screening and pigeon spikes, and bird repellents. Chemicals such as Ovocontrol mixed in bait also get rid of pigeons.

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Although experts report mixed results, one way to get rid of pigeons is to set out humane traps to capture and relocate them. However, because most species of pigeon have strong homing instincts, they tend to return, even when released among well-established flocks. Building obstacles such as screens and covers for openings in roof spaces is more effective, as well as placing pigeon spikes on rooftops and window ledges to discourage birds from settling. If trying to secure a location where pigeons have roosted previously, scrub it down with bleach water first, as pigeons are less likely to colonize again if they can’t smell old nests and droppings.

Used in combination with screens and spikes, chemical bird repellents such as Bird-X, 4 The Birds and Bird Off are also effective. Inexpensive and easy to apply to nesting areas, these nontoxic liquid- or gel-based chemicals are sticky or contain capsaicin to irritate birds and prevent roosting. Large-scale solutions for problem birds may require the use of birth-control baits such as Ovocontrol. When mixed into bird feed, birth-control baits ensure eggs are nonviable without harming adult birds. Although this kind of baiting takes longer to discourage pigeons, the colony eventually relocates.

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