What Are Some Home Remedies for Eliminating Termites?

There are several home remedies that are effective in eliminating termites from the home. These methods include the use of aloe vera spray, the application of boric acid powder, exposure to temperature extremes, sodium chloride and the proper maintenance of wooden furniture and surfaces.

Termites can cause significant damage to a property when they breed into a big colony. Getting rid of them does not necessarily call for chemical action because there are simple yet effective remedies that can help eliminate the presence of the termites in the home. For instance, soaking cotton balls in sodium chloride and placing the balls in strategic places, such as under tables, kills as well as prevents the termites from coming back.

Aloe vera is a natural guard against insects such as termites. When mixed with water, well-crushed aloe vera makes a spray that drives away the termites. Applying a solution of water and boric acid powder on the wooden surfaces in the home eliminates the termites as well as prevents them from coming back.

Proper maintenance and regular polishing of wood furniture is very important. Applying petroleum jelly on dried-wood surfaces or polishing a solution of olive oil and vinegar on the wood aids in ridding the termites and other insects that damage the wood.

Exposing the termite-infested furniture to bright sunlight removes the termites because these insects like dark zones. In the same manner, freezing or cold treatment gets rid of termites. Since termites thrive in the presence of water, limit moisture in the home to combat an infestation.