What Are Some Home Remedies for Cleaning Suede Shoes?


Home remedies one may try include using a pencil eraser to remove dirt from suede shoes, buffing out stains with an emery board and raising flattened nap with a clean toothbrush or terrycloth towel. Steaming severely matted suede over a teakettle also helps to raise the nap.

Water and cleaners suitable for smooth leather may damage suede. Remove small dry stains by gently rubbing them with an eraser, taking care not to damage the nap. File stubborn stains with an emery board or nail file, and use a dry toothbrush to lift remaining dirt and restore the nap. Treating suede shoes with a commercial water-repellent spray simplifies cleaning and prevents stains. Always test cleaning methods on an inconspicuous part of the shoe to prevent damage.