Which Home Remedies Can I Use to Get Rid of Ground Moles?


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To eliminate ground moles, install live traps in active tunnels and dispose of the mole after it is caught in the trap. Nematodes and habitat modification are also used to eliminate moles.

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It is possible to trap a ground mole by burying a container in an active tunnel. To identify an active tunnel, locate a mound, which looks like a raised, circular patch of freshly turned dirt, and press the dirt on top of the mound down into the tunnel below it. If the mound is repaired within 24 hours, the tunnel is active.

To trap the mole, dig a hole in the floor of the tunnel, and place a container, such as a large, empty coffee can, into the hole so that it is level with the ground at the bottom of the tunnel. Check the traps daily. Dispose of the animal according to local laws and regulations. If the mole is relocated, travel several miles away from the property and release the animal in an approved location.

Moles typically feed on grubs, which can be eliminated using beneficial nematodes. Purchase the nematodes from a local garden supply store and apply them according to the directions on the product packaging. If moles remain after treating for grub infestations, install fencing that extends at least 2 feet underground around gardens. Reduce the amount of turf on the property to encourage the moles to move.

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