What Are Some Home Remedies for Adhesive Removal?


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Many common household items, such as peanut butter, toothpaste or duct tape, work well in removing sticky residue. Some chemicals can damage surfaces, so consider this before applying anything to your item.

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Sticky things usually come off when a little elbow grease and an oil-based substance is applied. Some safe substances that are especially effective in removing stickers from hard objects are peanut butter, hand lotion, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, various oils and mayonnaise. Rub the surface with the substance and let it set for awhile before scrubbing it off. Usually, the sticky stuff comes off quite easily, but if it doesn't just repeat the steps.

On fabrics, an ice cube works well in freezing adhesives so that they can be pulled up easily. Or, use something sticky to remove the sticky stuff, like duct tape. Simply press the duct tape over the item and pull it off quickly. Repeat until the stain is removed. For sturdier surfaces try: perfume, WD-40, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, kerosene or paint thinner.

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