What Home Products Can Effectively Remove Blood Stains From Sheets?


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Common household products that can be used to remove blood stains from sheets include ammonia and vinegar. Other ubiquitous home products that do well with lifting blood stains from fabric are cornstarch and talcum powder.

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Hydrogen peroxide is another household product that has the power to dissolve a blood stain on cloth. It is most effective when used on fresh stains. Apply the hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain and allow it to sit for about 10 seconds. Rinse off the peroxide with clean water and proceed to wash the garment in the normal way.

Cola can also be used to treat a blood stain. It works best if it is allowed to soak into the fabric for at least a few hours before being rinsed away. For best results, soak the stain in cola overnight. Another easy way to remove a blood stain from fabric is to use a solution of cold water and salt. For best results, this should be done as soon as possible. Soak the fabric in the solution for approximately three to four hours. Thereafter, rub the stain with laundry detergent and wash it in the normal way.

Sheets can also be washed with shampoo to effectively remove blood stains. For tougher, dried-on stains, mix together meat tenderizer and cold water and apply directly to the stain by rubbing it into the fabric. Allow it to soak for about half an hour and then wash the sheet in cold water.

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