What Is Home-Made Silver Cleaner?


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Homemade silver cleaner, also known as dip or polish, is used to clean the tarnish on silver that accumulates due to oxidation. Since a dip is liquid, it is more effective at removing tarnish than a polishing cloth and can reach more areas. Homemade silver cleaner is nontoxic. To make homemade silver cleaner, hot water, a glass pan, aluminum foil, salt and baking soda are needed.

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What Is Home-Made Silver Cleaner?
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Making homemade silver cleaner is quite simple. The aluminum foil is used to line the bottom of the glass pan, and the pan must be filled with hot water. The baking soda and salt, two tablespoons of each, must be added to the water. After a thorough mix, the homemade silver cleaner is ready to use. Placing silver items in the cleaner makes the tarnish disappear. If the silver is very tarnished, it can be left in the silver dip for approximately five minutes, or it can be removed when the items look clean.

To prevent silver from tarnishing in the future or to minimize tarnishing, items should be stored in a low-humidity environment. It's also best not expose silver to sulfur, which is in items like eggs, onions, mustard, mayonnaise, wool and latex.

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