What Are Some Home Interior Decorating Ideas Recommended by Experts?


Some home interior decorating ideas from experts at Real Simple include, hanging a collection of items on the wall, mixing materials and textures and using tricks to make a space feel larger. Homeowners can add just one or mix a few of these ideas together to create a new look.

Decorating a room doesn't have to be a difficult task. With a little research and some ideas from the experts at HGTV and Real Simple, homeowners can get off to a good start.

  • Hang a collection - Placing a collection of items on the wall fills empty space and draws the eye.
  • Mix materials and texture - Use a mix of textures and materials in fabric. For instance, consider adding a bold animal print to an otherwise neutral room.
  • Make a space seem larger - Use a mirror and transparent furniture like clear acrylic tables to create the impression of a larger, more open room.
  • Consider theme decoration - Decorate each room after a theme, such as a personal horoscope or create an Asian-inspired room.
  • Use slipcovers - Homeowners can quickly transform large pieces of furniture with slipcovers. Use them to make the sofa fit with a new color scheme rather than getting a new sofa.
  • Build around a signature piece - Pick a signature piece out for each room and decorate around it. Signature pieces can be a special lamp, chair or sculpture.