What Are Some Home Insulation Tips?


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Home insulation is vital to saving energy, cutting costs and helping the environment. Caulking to attic insulation to finding places that need more insulation are efforts that can keep a home and wallet comfortable.

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What Are Some Home Insulation Tips?
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Caulking or sealing the cracks in a home keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. Areas around doors and windows need to be sealed. Other places, such as around vents, fans, faucets and drip pans can be sources of air leaks. Check these areas and seal them to help insulation work more effectively.

The attic is one of the most important places to insulate in a home. Spray foam or insulation rolls can be used to prevent the transfer of energy through the roof. Adding more attic insulation lowers energy bills and keeps a home more comfortable year round.

Once the obvious areas are caulked and insulated, check the more frequently forgotten-about locations. The attic trap door needs as much insulation as the attic floor, and the door needs weather stripping. Look for any holes around structural components of houses, such as ducts or pipes. Check doors leading into the basement or crawlspace. Depending on the age of the house, more insulation may be needed in the walls to maintain the temperature inside properly.

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