How Do You Get a Free Home Inspection Report?


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A free home inspection report is generally provided to the homeowner and Realtor, if applicable, after a home inspection is conducted by a licensed home inspector. The terms of a home inspection are outlined in a standard home inspection agreement that details what exact aspects of the home are being inspected and the associated fees for the service. The home inspection report, or findings and conclusion of the inspection, are provided free to the person who orders the inspection and agrees to the written inspection agreement.

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Home inspection reports include defects related to the home's roof, HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), structure, plumbing and extra or specialized inclusions, such as hot tubs and swimming pools. Homeowners who live in areas with specific areas of concern may opt to have specialized professionals for additional inspections that may not be included in a standard inspection report as outlined by the National Association of Home Inspectors. In addition to pools and spas, radon, pests and water inspections may be performed, especially in homes located where issues in these areas are more common.

When an inspection is complete and a free home inspection report is obtained, use a checklist to clarify what has or has not been inspected. Home inspection report checklists and inspection examples are available online from websites such as AmericanHomeInspectorsDirectory.com.

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