What Are Some Home Heating Oil Additives?


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Hot 4 in 1, HiTEC 4045, Shaeffer's #317 Kleen Burn and Bell Performance ATX-942 are some home heating oil additives as of 2015. Heating oil additives use a variety of formulations to improve the efficiency of oil burning furnaces through different methods of removing water and eliminating sludge build-up.

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Hot 4 in 1 helps prevent waxing and gelling in very cold environments and one 16-ounce bottle treats 275 gallons of fuel oil. HiTEC 4045 is a combination of oil additives designed for conventional burners that uses advanced detergent technology, oxidative and thermal stability components and a combustion improver.

Kleen Burn contains combustion catalysts along with rust and corrosion prevention chemicals for cleaner fuel burning. The ATX-942 additive prevents carbon formation and eliminates sludge build-up and tube plugging along with improving combustion.

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