What Are Some Home Decorating Ideas for Skinny Tables?

What Are Some Home Decorating Ideas for Skinny Tables?

A great idea when decorating a small space is to use skinny tables. These smaller sized tables are used as bedside tables, as a place to drop keys and mail in an entryway or as a way to provide a small side table next to a favorite recliner. Skinny coffee tables have also become popular due to their small sizes.

Use a skinny table as a nightstand in a small bedroom to conserve space while still providing a place for a lamp, clock and glass of water. When additional storage is desired, consider using a table cloth over the table. This allows for storage under the table and out of sight.

Skinny tables are popular in the entryways of homes. Place a basket or two on the table as a designated place to store keys and place mail when entering the home. There is also room on a skinny table for a lamp or other lighting.

Skinny tables make great side tables for recliners. They are small but provide enough room for a lamp, a drink and the television remote.

Low profile and skinny coffee tables make it possible to have a table right where it's needed without taking up valuable floor space in a smaller living or family room.