What Home Automation Products Does Belkin Offer?


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Belkin's WeMo home automation products include electronics, electricity, water and Wi-Fi, as well as small kitchen appliances and webcams. WeMo also connects with wireless devices and Internet-enabled devices through Belkin's IFTTT (If This Then That) network, allowing those devices to function as personal assistants. The WeMo line of electronics and accessories functions on a platform that allows users to control everyday items from their tablets and smartphones.

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WeMo includes products that allow customers to monitor their home security systems, turn on webcams to observe their pets or turn on the air conditioning before arriving home. The product line contains WeMo Power and WeMo Water, which allow customers to analyze and adjust their home energy consumption.

WeMo products and switches work with each other and with appliances, so customers wishing to automate their entire homes use the products to create a network of linked devices and appliances, all of which they monitor via cellphones and tablets. The WeMo network also includes social networking apps that connect to user profiles and send reminders and notifications as well as allow users to control devices.

CEO Chet Pipkin founded Belkin in 1983 in the early years of computers. The company remains headquartered in California, though the business now operates globally.

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