Hoe Do You Repair a Leaking Toilet Tank?

To repair a leaking toilet, disconnect the water supply line, replace the fill valve and fill gasket, clean the tank bolts and nuts, and replace the gaskets with new ones if needed. If the tank still leaks, remove the tank, replace the spud washer, and reinstall the tank.

  1. Empty the tank, and disconnect the water supply

    Shut off the supply valve, and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Detach the water supply from the tank, and blot the inside of the tank with a sponge to remove any traces of water.

  2. Replace the fill valve and gasket

    Wrench out the fill valve from the tank, and pull out the old gasket. Install a new fill valve and fill gasket in place of the old ones, and reattach the water supply to test the tank for further leaks.

  3. Clean the tank bolts and nuts, and replace the gaskets

    Remove the tank bolts and nuts with a wrench, and use a wire brush to clean them with white vinegar. Replace the gaskets with new ones, and screw the bolts and nuts back in place.

  4. Replace the spud washer

    If the toilet still leaks, lift the tank from its position, and gently place it on the floor upside down. Remove the old washer from the flush valve tailpiece, and replace the washer with a new washer. Lift and place the tank back in its place, and replace the nuts, bolts and gaskets. Refill and test the tank.