What Is the History of Haffner's Heating Oil?


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Haffner's heating oil, a company in Massachusetts, was founded in 1925; it originated as a single gas station, then grew to include other automotive services and provide homeowners with heating oil and kerosene. Haffner's was founded by John and Emma Haffner; the husband and wife duo began with a small operation near Lawrence, Massachusetts, which ultimately expanded to Haverhill, Lowell, Tewksbury and North Andover.

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Haffner's is a family business, and has undergone several changes in ownership and management. After its launch in 1925, the early 1930s were an important period of growth in the company's history. As the business expanded to serve a broader community in the 1930s, the Haffners turned over some management duties to their daughter, Louise.

Louise eventually married Emile Fournier, who later became the company's CEO. Louise was the Haffners' only child, and learned enough about the company to continue its automotive and home heating services. Louise obtained a service technician license and a Class 1 license to operate tractor trailers. Later, she earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a business degree from Boston University.

Eventually, Louise and Emile divided their duties; she operated the company's facilities in Lawrence, along with her father, while Emile maintained the office in Lowell. Company management later passed to David Fournier, son of Louise and Emile. The company operates over 10 stations and has a fuel delivery and maintenance branch, as of 2015.

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