What Is the History Behind Old Moorcroft Pottery?


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Moorcroft pottery is a British art pottery that has been in production since 1897 and was started by William Moorcroft. William Moorcroft designed the initial range of high-Victorian pottery, which has enameled and transfer-printed decoration in bold red, blue and gold colors. Moorcroft pottery includes display plates, vases, pin dishes, lamp-bases and jars of varying shapes and sizes.

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William Moorcroft was employed by Staffordshire pottery manufacturer James Macintyre and Co. as its art pottery designer in 1897. His first range of pottery, called Florian Ware, was a great success and won him a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in 1904. He developed the art nouveau-inspired range using tubelining technique and decorated it entirely by hand. Each piece of pottery produced was personalized with his signature or initials.

William Moorcroft started his own factory in 1913 and was financed by the Liberty, the famous London store. His reputation increased when his company was appointed as Potter to the Queen of England in 1928. His son, Walter Moorcroft took over the management and design of Moorcroft pottery after the death of William Moorcroft in 1945.

Most of the vintage pottery being sold is Walter Moorcroft’s designs, as William’s work is rare and more valuable. William Moorcroft designs include ceramics with orchid and clematis designs, whereas Walter’s designs have prints of hibiscus, magnolia, lily and columbine.

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