How Do You Hire a Deck Contractor?


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To hire a deck contractor, find a contractor by asking the people you know for references or by searching the websites of organizations, such as the National Association of Homebuilders. Interview the contractors, and make sure that you have all the necessary information to make the choice, including price estimates, in writing. Choose the deck contractor, and sign a contract with them.

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Before hiring a deck contractor, decide how you want the deck to look. Figure out its size, how many levels you want, which materials you want the contractor to use when building a deck and what special features you would like the deck to have. Some ideas of special features include fountains, fire pits, railings, separate seating areas and areas for plants.

When getting a price estimate in a written form, make sure that it includes specific information about how long the projects is going to take, which materials the contractor is going to use, their quantities and a price. Ask contractors for references, and contact them personally. Find out if you can visit their homes to see the decks the contractor built.

Be aware of contractors that ask that you pay them only in cash, pressure you to choose their services immediately, don't have an insurance or a license, or ask you to get a permit to build a deck instead of doing that themselves.

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