How Do You Hire a Bricklayer?

How Do You Hire a Bricklayer?

When hiring a bricklayer, check with several companies, check brick rates, ask about experience and look at previous jobs, recommends HomeAdvisor. Comparing the rates, quality and experience helps narrow down the options to find the best bricklayer for the project.

Ask about the pricing structure from each bricklayer to help determine the total cost of the project. Bricklayers sometimes charge per brick for a project. Others may charge by the square foot or for the job as a whole.

While cost is often a factor when doing a home improvement job, going cheap isn't always the best option, states HomeAdvisor. Bricklaying requires skill to create a brick structure that stands the test of time. It also requires artistry to create a visually appealing project. Artistry is particularly important for projects such as decorative fireplaces.

Seeing examples of the bricklayer's previous work gives you an idea of his quality. Ask for photos of previous brick jobs. If possible, check out a past job site in person.

The specialty of the bricklayer is also a consideration. Like all building trades, bricklayers often specialize in a particular type of brickwork. Ask each bricklayer you're considering about his past experience and the type of projects he normally does. This helps you determine if his experience matches the needs of your job.