What Are Some Facts About Hilti Masonry Anchors?


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Hilti masonry anchors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including cast-in anchors, screw anchors, flush anchors, undercut anchors and injectable adhesive anchors. All the company's adhesive and mechanical anchors except the HIT-HY 70 injectable mortar anchor are rated for use in concrete.

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One of the ways that Hilti categorizes its products is through the base material for which the product is suitable. Typically either concrete, lightweight concrete, grout-filled block or Hollow BlockyBrick. While nearly all of the company's products are suitable for some form of concrete, only a select few are suitable for use in grout-filled block. Examples of Hilti masonry anchors suitable for use with grout-filled block include the KWIK HUS-EZ screw anchor, the KWIK Bolt 3 mechanical expansion anchor and the HIT-ICE injectable mortar anchor.

Even fewer of the company's products are suitable for use with Hollow BlockyBrick materials. These include the HIT-HY 70 injectable mortar anchor, the HIT-HY 10 PLUS injectable mortar anchor and the HLC mechanical sleeve anchor.

Nearly all of Hilti's adhesive anchors offer a level of corrosion resistance concurrent with hot-dip galvanized steel. Notable exceptions include the HIT-Z and HIT-V anchor rods, the first of which offers corrosion resistance levels equal to that of 316 stainless steel, and the second of which is unrated for corrosion resistance.

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