What Are Some Highly Reviewed Norwex Enviro Products?


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Some Norwex Enviro products with highly positive reviews on Amazon.com, in 2016, are the Norwex Enviro Cloth and the Norwex Window/Polishing Cloth. Green Living favorably reviews the Norwex Dusting Mitt, along with the two other cloths.

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Reviews on Amazon.com note how easy cleaning with the Norwex cloths is; 70 percent of reviewers give five out of five stars to the regular cloth, and 90 percent of reviewers give the window polishing cloth five out of five stars. One five-star review notes that even though the products are expensive, they live up to their positive reviews and surpass expectations. Green Living’s review notes that the Norwex cleaning cloths and mitt are effective at cleaning an entire house using only the cloth and mitt with water.

The Norwex products are microfiber cleaning supplies that only require water to clean any number of surfaces. Due to the fact that the Norwex Enviro cleaning cloths only require water, they eliminate the need for many other cleaning products. As of 2016, both cleaning cloths and the cleaning mitt are between $13 and $25. The only complaint from buyers on Amazon.com is that the cloths are expensive. Green Living’s review also notes that the cloths can sometimes be hard to tell apart from each other and the regular cloth can’t be used for dishes.

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