What Are Some Highly Reviewed Hummingbird Water Fountains?

As of 2015, some highly reviewed hummingbird water fountains include the Hummingbird Fountain from Seventh Avenue, the Hummingbird Haven Fountain by Smart Living Company and the Porcelain Hummingbird Water Fountain by Coyne's Company. All of these fountains vary in their style and price, but share high reviews from customers, as shown on the products' respective websites.

The Hummingbird Fountain is on a black metal stand and is 21 inches tall. The bowl is made of translucent glass, which gives the fountain a very light and airy feeling, and the hummingbird is made to look like it is floating in the air over the flowers and leaves. The water for the piece flows from the flowers and leaves into the bowl. The fountain is made for indoors, but can be put outdoors as well if it is sheltered from bad weather that might break the glass or cause the stand to be damaged.

The Hummingbird Haven is made to sit flat on the ground. This fountain is approximately 22 inches tall, and various parts of the fountain light up, giving motion to the piece as the water flows through the flowers and birds.

The Porcelain Hummingbird Fountain is made to resemble a jug. It is the smallest of the fountains at less than seven inches high. It comes with a pump that has two speeds and an on-off switch so it does not have to be unplugged to turn off.