What Are Some Highly Rated Wood Preservatives?


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Highly rated wood preservatives include One Time Wood Sealer, Thompsons Water Seal, and Preserva Wood. All three of these wood preservatives have ratings between four to five stars on Bestcovery.com.

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One Time Wood Sealer earns a five-star rating on Bestcovery.com and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon.com. This product is unique because it is an acrylic resin rather than an oil- or water-based product. As a result, it takes a full two days of sunshine to complete the ultraviolet curing process.

Thompsons Water Seal earns 4.75 stars on Bestcovery.com, and it tied with One Time Wood Sealer on Amazon.com, receiving 4.1 stars. Bestcovery.com rated Preserva Wood with 4.25 stars. Various Preserva Wood products receive ratings on HomeDepot.com between 3.1 to 3.5 stars.

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