What Are Some Highly Rated Tree Trimmers According to Experts?

Some highly rated tree trimmers as of September 2015 include the extendable tree pruning stick pruner and the power-lever tree pruner by Fiskars, Planted Perfect's professional pruning shears and the ratcheting extendable bypass lopper by ML Tools. Fiskars' PowerGear bypass lopper also received praise from reviewers, as did its micro-tip pruning snip. Popular pole saws included the Remington branch wizard pro electric pole saw, the Remington Maverick two-stroke gas-powered pole saw and the Greenworks G-Max cordless saw.

Fiskars' extendable tree pruning stick is rust-resistant and designed for cutting high tree branches from the ground. Reviewers liked the tool's design, observing that it is easy to control and does not tend to snag on branches. Another Fiskars product, the power-lever tree pruner, also received positive feedback for being light, adjustable and versatile. It extends up to 14 feet and includes a pruning blade and a saw blade. Most reviews of this product were enthusiastically positive, with users appreciative of its durability and the security of its extender locking mechanism.

The professional pruning shears by Planted Perfect are considered easy to use and clean. Designed for cutting smaller branches and stems, they boast an ergonomic handle to make pruning less fatiguing. Positive reviews lauded this product for being sharp, durable and comfortable to use; however, some users with smaller hands found that the grip was too large.

The Remington Maverick pole saw was among the outstanding pole saw trimmers of 2015. This gas pole saw features a two-stroke engine and is powerful enough to cut through larger tree branches. It also comes with attachments that make it suitable for other yard work, including lawn edging, leaf-blowing and hedge trimming. This versatility makes the Remington saw a popular model.