What Are Some Highly Rated Sprinkler Controllers According to Experts?


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The Skydrop Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is a highly rated sprinkler controller, with four out of five stars from PC Magazine. Some other highly rated sprinkler controllers are the Hunter XC 800i and the Rainbird ESP-6TM, notes Galt Technology.

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The Skydrop Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is easy to install and works with iOS and Android operating systems. Users simply connect it with the home's Internet network and are able to control their irrigation from anywhere. Galt Technology claims that the Hunter XC-800i is the best residential sprinkler control system because of its ability to handle up to eight watering stations and several programs and run times. Galt Technology also claims that the Rainbird ESP-6TM is the best sprinkler for people with smaller yards because of its affordability and easy to control features.

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