What Are Some Highly Rated Solar Panel Reviews According to Experts?


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Top-rated solar panels as of July 2015 include the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB, the Canadian Solar CS6X-305M, the Grape Solar 390W, the Grape Solar 250W, and the Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb. These panels all exhibit superior solar efficiency, durability, features, and dimensions.

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The Kyocera KD315GX-LPB, outclasses other solar panels in all of the above categories, according to Top Ten Reviews. A black panel, black frame polycrystalline model, its solar efficiency is 16 percent and its maximum power is 315 watts.

The Canadian Solar CS6X-305M offers self-cleaning options and is easily maintainable by simple rinsing with water. It features a solar efficiency of 15.9 percent and a maximum power of 305 watts. Easy cleaning is also a notable benefit of the Grape Solar 390W. Grape also offers a more cost-efficient alternative in the Grape Solar 250W. These two panels have solar efficiencies of 15.21 and 15.1, respectively, and maximum power of 390 and 250 watts, respectively. The manufacturer of these panels, Grape, is a relatively new company that was founded in 2009 in Eugene, Oregon.

The Suntech STP255S-20/Wdb offers yet another low-maintenance option and can support 113 pounds of snow. It features a solar efficiency of 15.7 percent and a maximum power of 255 watts.

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