What Are Some Highly Rated Outdoor Trash Containers?

Suncast's GAW1732 Trash Hideaway, Toter's Residential Trash Can and Rubbermaid's Commercial Brute are all highly rated outdoor trash containers on Amazon.com, as of 2015. The trash container from Suncast is designed to stay stationary, while the ones from Toter and Rubbermaid are highly portable.

Suncast's GAW1732 Trash Hideaway is made of durable resin and has a rectangular shape with a solid bottom panel. It features a latching lid and a contemporary wicker design. This Suncast trash container uses standard 30 to 33 gallon garbage bags.

Toter's Residential Trash Can has a heavy-duty aerodynamic design that makes it stable and durable. It features two rugged back wheels for easy portability and maneuverability; users can tilt and roll it even when it is full. This trash container also features a bottom wear strip, a strong flip lid and a greenstone finish that helps mask normal wear.

Rubbermaid's cylinder-shaped Commercial Brute is constructed from linear low-density polyethylene that does not dent, rust, chip or peel; it is also resistant to damage from ultra-violet rays. Its built-in non-slip handles allow users to easily lift it and stack it in other containers without causing it to jam. This trash container features integrated cinches that hold liners without knots.