What Are Some Highly-Rated Office Chairs?

Highly rated office chairs include the SomaComfort chair, the Herman Miller Aeron chair and the Furniture of America Kimmel Ribbed office chair. These chairs all differ greatly in their appearance and price. The Herman Miller Aeron chair has a 98 percent satisfaction rate with customers, as shown on SmartFurniture.com.

The SomaComfort chair has an odd-looking back, but the odd shape is made to help reduce lower back pain while supporting the upper parts of the back and neck. The appearance may not appeal to some people, but the effectiveness is worth overlooking the shape.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair looks like a typical mesh office chair at a glance, but it is highly rated for comfort and styling. The mesh styling on the chair means that it won't get as hot as some chairs if sat in for prolonged periods. This styling feature adds to its comfortable style. The chair has a 12-year warranty, which is an important feature for many customers, notes SmartFurniture.com.

The Furniture of America chair is popular with users because of its expensive look and comfort for the price range. The chair has a faux leather finish on the seat with a chrome metal frame. Customers can get this chair in black, gray and white, which makes it an ideal chair for home offices because it offers more options for matching the decor there.