What Are Some Highly Rated Nonstick Cookware Options?


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The Woll Diamond Plus, T-Fal Professional and Moneta Padella Whitech are reviewed highly. Cook's Illustrated ran a test of the T-Fal and Moneta by frying eggs, without oil, until the egg stuck to the pan. Both the T-Fal and Moneta lasted for over 75 eggs.

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The Moneta Padella Whitech is a ceramic nonstick pan. Cook's illustrated notes that traditional nonstick pans eventually lose their nonstick attributes, and concerns have been raised that they release harmful fumes at high temperatures. Ceramic pans are intended to alleviate this, albeit at a higher price, as of 2015. Foodal notes that the Woll Diamond Plus is for cooks who use nonstick pans as their primary cookware, stating that it lasts for decades.

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