What Are Some Highly Rated Non-Stick Pans?

What Are Some Highly Rated Non-Stick Pans?

Highly rated non-stick pans include the T-fal 12-inch Fry Pan, All-Clad MC2, Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Omelette Pan Set and T-fal Initiatives 12-inch Ceramic, notes ConsumerSearch. Non-stick pans are essential for cooking delicate and quick cooking dishes such as fish, eggs and stir fries.

The T-fal 12-inch Fry Pan heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. Its non-stick surface is durable, especially for a pan in its price range. The pan includes a comfortable silicone-coated handle and is a good choice for people looking for quality on a budget. However, some consumers complain that the pan’s heat indicator located at the middle of the product is confusing or does not work as it should.

The All-Clad MC2 Stainless Steel non-stick pan is on the higher-end of the price range and provides even cooking owing to its heavy stainless steel construction. The pan typically comes with a lifetime warranty. Some consumers complain that replacement pans took longer to arrive than they would have preferred.

The Calphalon Contemporary non-stick offering is a two-piece set that includes a 10- and 12-inch skillet. The pans feature stay-cool handles for comfortable cooking. Some consumers complain that the non-stick surface begins to flake and scratch after about a year of use.

Lastly, the T-Fal Initiatives 12-inch Ceramic pan is ideal for people with reservation about chemical coatings on their cookware. The pan is relatively affordable and offers a good non-stick surface, especially for a pan that is not coated. Some consumers observe that the ceramic surface may chip if the pan is put in the dishwasher or used with metal utensils.