What Are Some Highly Rated Leather Cleaners According to Experts?

What Are Some Highly Rated Leather Cleaners According to Experts?

Lexol Leather pH Cleaner, Zymol and Mothers are highly rated leather upholstery cleaners, according to UpholsteryCleaners101. Blue Magic Leather & Vinyl Cleaner is also effective.

Lexol Leather pH Cleaner is a spray cleaner that dissolves dirt and oil. This glycerin-based product also removes salt compounds that destroy leather over time. For the best results, rub Lexol Leather pH Cleaner over the leather with a soft sponge and rinse with water. Lexol also manufactures leather cleaning wipes.

Zymol is a biodegradable cleaner for leather furniture and automotive interiors. This pH-balanced product contains olive oil and lanolin. It effectively removes grease and dirt.

Blue Magic Leather & Vinyl Cleaner cleans stubborn grime from leather and vinyl upholstery. It is particularly effective on old, ground-in soil stains such as dirt embedded in seams and creases. This product works on furniture, automotive interiors and sports equipment, but it is not safe for suede.

Cleaning leather often strips it of the moisture it needs to stay supple. Applying a product such as Zymol Treat Leather Conditioner after cleaning solves this problem. Zymol Treat contains banana oil and collagen, which moisturize leather without destructive solvents. Blue Magic Leather Cream Conditioner is another highly rated leather moisturizer.