What Are Some Highly Rated Gas Weed Eaters?

What Are Some Highly Rated Gas Weed Eaters?

Some highly rated gas weed eaters include the Stihl FS 56 RC-E, the RedMax TR2350S, the Kawasaki KTF27B and the Husqvarna 223L. Each of these gas weed eaters provides cutting power and accuracy, and they perform well in commercial applications or for homeowner use.

Gas weed eaters as a group hold several advantages over electric weed eaters. Compared to cordless electric weed eaters, gas-powered trimmers can operate for a longer period each day. Compared to corded weed eaters, gas-powered ones provide increased mobility, since their power source is built-in. Gas weed eaters generally deliver more power than electric trimmers.

The Stihl FS 56 RC-E is a powerful weed eater with precision engineering. It features a fully encased engine and a three-position choke. The weed eater delivers sufficient power to cut through heavy brush when needed. Complaints about the Stihl weed eater include excessive vibration.

The RedMax TR2350S offers significant power and has very small guard plates, which make it maneuverable but increase the amount of debris it throws. The Husqvarna 223L provides ample shielding for lines and wires and for its cutting head. The design of the cutting head prevents entanglement by cut vegetation.

The Kawasaki KTF27B is easy-to-start and provides adequate safety bumpers over the gas tank and cutting line. The trimmer offers lower vibration than other gas trimmers. This trimmer features a large throttle that makes it comfortable to operate for long periods of time.