What Are Some Highly-Rated Drain Cleaners According to Experts?

What Are Some Highly-Rated Drain Cleaners According to Experts?

Some highly rated drain cleaners include Drano Regular Liquid Clog, Liquid Plumr, Rid-X Septic System, Xtra Drain Opener, Clorox Commercial Solutions Liquid and CLR Power Plumber. These products are highly rated because they work effectively without posing any serious health hazard to users, states GoodGuide.com.

Cleaning products often raise a number of concerns with regards to personal health, environmental friendliness and waste reduction. There are a number of products that have taken all these issues into consideration, which is why they are ranked among the best, notes GoodGuide.com.

Drano Regular Liquid Clog is a product that contains sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and hypochlorite. These ingredients are generally safe to human health and the environment. The packaging of the product is such that it can be recycled effectively. The company has clear labels indicating how to use the product for best results in cleaning.

Liquid Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake is a product that contains sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. The product is contained in an environmentally friendly package and comes with full instructions on how to use it effectively.

Rid-X Septic System Concentrated Treatment Powder is a product that contains wheat bran, bacteria, cellulose enzyme, subtilisin and amylase. The packaging is relatively safe and the instructions on the label are highly detailed.