What Are Some Highly-Rated Cleaning Products for Pergo Laminate Flooring?


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Pergo Laminate and Hard Surface Cleaner and diluted vinegar are the best cleaning products for Pergo laminate flooring, according to Pergo. Diluted household ammonia is another option recommended for heavy cleaning.

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Pergo Laminate and Hard Surface Cleaner removes dirt and dust that does not wipe away with a damp rag. Effective homemade solutions of 1 cup white vinegar diluted in 1 gallon water or 1/3 cup liquid ammonia and 1 gallon warm water also clean Pergo flooring without damaging it. This type of flooring should never be cleaned with detergents, soaps or floor wax.

The most effective product to clean up small spills depends on the type of spilled material. Pergo Laminate and Hard Surface Cleaner removes grease, chocolate and wine spills. Diluted ammonia and vinegar also remove these substances. Acetone nail polish remover is ideal for removing tar, nail polish, shoe polish, ink and crayon marks. It also removes oil and lipstick. Denatured alcohol is an effective substitute when acetone is unavailable.

Spilled candle wax and chewing gum do not respond well to Pergo-safe cleaning products. The best way to remove these materials is to wait for them to harden, then pry them up with a thin plastic scraper.

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