What Are Some Highly Rated Butcher Knives?


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Some highly-rated butcher knives include Ontario Knife Company's Old Hickory 10-inch knife, the Twin Master 10-inch knife made by Henckel, the Dexter-Russell 10-inch and the Victorinox Cutlery 12-inch straight knife. There is also the Global GF-27 7-inch knife and the Wenger Swibo 8.25-inch knife.

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The 10-inch Old Hickory knife is a relatively cheap butcher knife with a wooden handle. The handle is made of hickory, and the knife itself is carbon steel. It's ideal for barbecues or for everyday use; however, it should be cleaned and sharpened to maintain it. Henckel's Twin Master 10-inch knife features an ice-hardened stainless steel blade. The blade received a 57 degree rating from Rockwell Hardness, and its broad point somewhat resembles a machete.

Dexter Russel's 10-inch butcher knife is designed for professional environments. Its polypropylene handle prevents bacteria from building up and its carbon steel blade features a micro-pore reduction process that prevents stains. Global's GF-27 7-inch knife is relatively expensive but is a dense knife for its size. The blade features a Japanese edge and is stainless steel, allowing it to stay sharp for long periods of time. The blade is also 18 percent chromium which wards off stains.

The Wenger Swibo 8.25-inch knife is inspired by Japanese blades and is ideal for more precise work. Its blade is stainless steel that has been heat-treated.

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