What Are Some Highly Rated Brands of Home Door Locks?

What Are Some Highly Rated Brands of Home Door Locks?

According to Great Valley Lockshop, some of the best brands of home door locks include Schlage, Medeco and Kwikset. These and other companies make keyless entry locks, as well as keyed locks.

When shopping for a home door lock, Schlage offers keyless and keyed locks and its Everest Primus is tamper resistant and more durable than its other lines.

Medeco offers quality locks that conform to high environmental standards. Its eCylinder line is one of the best available and it provides system management, controlled access and physical security its customers rely on.

Kwikset locks have an innovative technology known as SmartKey. SmartKey allows Kwikset owners to rekey the lock themselves, making it perfect for storage units or rental properties. This SmartKey technology also appears in the company's padlocks. Kwikset's home locks are bump proof and pick resistant.

Those looking for a sturdy yet attractive home lock will appreciate the Baldwin brand. Baldwin offers lock in both traditional and contemporary designs that blend in with almost any decor. The company makes keyed entry locks, deadbolts and more.

Homeowners looking to integrate technology into their homes may like the Kaba Ilco brand. Kaba Ilco makes electronic key card systems, home locks with mobile access options and push-button locks perfect for any home or business.

Other quality lock manufacturers include Arrow, Falcon and Adams-Rite.