What Are Some Highly Rated Brands of Cookware?


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Brands of cookware that are highly rated include Le Creuset and Calphalon, as of 2015, on Amazon.com. Shoppers have also rated the Cuisinart brand highly, according to Macys.com. In addition, the All-Clad brand of cookware shows many favorable reviews on Williams-Sonoma.com.

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Highly rated brands of cookware are sold in a wide price range and offer various features. Cookware brands meet the needs of skills ranging from novice to highly experienced. Features that are commonly discussed as important for cookware include the cookware materials, design and durability. For example, some cooks prefer copper cookware, while others prefer stainless steel, enamel, porcelain or non-stick materials.

Other websites to research cookware include restaurant specialty stores and boutique kitchen stores. It can help to discuss specific cooking needs and a budget with an experienced cookware sales associate to determine which brands and items are budget and skill-level appropriate.

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