What Are the Highest Rated Spark Plugs?


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The highest rated spark plugs are made by NKG, according to Cardirect.com. They have a reputation for excellent products in both standard and racing spark plugs.

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Copper spark plugs made by NKG are more commonly used for work on high-end performance vehicles. In general these plugs are considered to have a good lifespan but are geared towards ignition efficiency and a stronger performance base. Because of NKG focus on performance, these spark plugs are an excellent choice for racing vehicles. In addition, NKG spark plugs are not extremely expensive making them a wonderful fit for any car enthusiast on a budget. Spark plugs are a very important component of overall engine maintenance.

When a car possesses old, worn or dirty spark plugs, a hindrance is put on the engine's performing abilities. Eventually, the spark plugs will be unable to ignite the fuel and air mixture as it was originally intended. By having spark plugs that are in good working order, better fuel economy can be achieved and the engine can run much smoother. As with any other car parts, the price of spark plugs varies. The higher performance spark plugs tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but the added cost can be seen in the boosted performance of the engine.

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