What Are the Highest Rated Manual Lawn Aerators?


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The Fiskars 9862 coring aerator, Dbroth lawn aerator sandals and Yard Butler ID-6C are highly rated manual lawn aerators, according to Best Lawnmowers. Other quality choices include the Greenkey Garden and Home rolling aerator and the Yard Butler M-7C spike aerator.

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The Fiskars 9862 is a 38-inch manual aerator that removes 4-inch soil cores. This 4.1-pound aerator features a sturdy steel body and a wide foot pad.

Dbroth lawn aerator sandals are spike aerators that slip over regular shoes and aerate the lawn as the user walks. Each aerator is 12 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide.

The Greenkey Garden and Home rolling aerator features a 12-inch barrel studded with 30 2-inch metal spikes. This 6.2-pound devices aerates the lawn as it rolls across it.

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