What Are the Highest-Rated Brands of Dishwashers?

highest-rated-brands-dishwashers Credit: Peter Cade/The Image Bank/Getty Images

As of 2014, Reviewed.com picked the Electrolux EI24ID50QS as the best dishwasher, giving it top marks for effective dish cleaning. Other highly rated dishwashers included models from GE, Frigidaire and Kenmore.

The Electrolux model also sports features such as even spray coverage with a circular arm, bottle-washing jets and silicone stemware holders, as well as extras such as an LED-lit interior and sleek appearance. As of 2014, it retails for approximately $900, a midrange price for a unit with such features.

The runners-up to the Electrolux on the Reviewed.com synopsis were a pair of GE models, the PDT760SSFSS and PDT750SSFSS. These models also cleaned dishes well, and included extras such as a color LCD display and bottle washers. These models are significantly pricier, going for around $1,500.

The Frigidaire Gallery model FGID2474QF earned a mention as the best value dishwasher. It retails for $600 and is based on the Electrolux EI24ID50QS. It performs solidly but lacks some features of the Reviewed.com dishwasher of the year for 2014. It does offer a dish-drying option using a heating element or fan and has an easily-cleaned stainless steel exterior.

Kenmore's model 14652 earned a spot in the review as the best compact or portable dishwasher of 2014; at 18 inches wide, it is well-suited for small kitchens. The unit cleans as well as many built-in dishwashers, and features a top work surface for extra counter space. The small size of the unit makes it economical for water use as well, as a cycle uses only four gallons of water. At approximately $539, it is comparably priced to many installed dishwashers.