What Is a High Heel Chair?


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A high heel chair is a full-sized piece of furniture, often covered in leather, upholstery, Dracon, suede or velvet that is designed to look like a woman's high heel shoe. Some high heel chairs have storage areas beneath the seat, so that they are functional as well as decorative. The back of the furniture looks like the place where the foot fits into the shoe, with extra support found in the "heel" portion of the furniture.

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High heel chairs are modeled after actual high heels; as such, they often sport bright colors and patterns such as hot pink, zebra print, ruby red, purple, black, neon green, leopard spots and polka dots. The back of the chair is narrow and tall, so the customer can lean back while almost sitting up straight.

High heel chairs are narrow, made without arms and come in sizes for adults and children. Larger sizes are 43 inches tall and 42 inches deep, and children's sizes are 15 inches tall and 20 inches deep. Seats are less than 2 feet wide in both sizes.

High heel chairs are designed for style rather than comfort. Some models are made of solid wood frames with springs, while others have thick cushions. These pieces draw attention to a person's individual style, and they fit well into corners of rooms.

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